Monday, March 31, 2008

leo star camp~~~

went to leo star camp on the 28,29 n 30th of march...
living sweet memories n '记号' (taught by Miss Teo)..

on the 28th..
i met one of the leo club of southern college committee with the name YEE LEONG..
he's fun, good, yet naughty...
he came all the way up to muar to bring us down to jb..
on the way to jb.. he keep disturbing me.. (knocking my head, his head beside u without ur notice n etc etc..)
he got thousand n one idea to scared me when im not noticing.. (damn u)
he help me to carry my bag all the way to southern college.. ^^ thx kor kor..
before we dismiss.. he carry me on his back n take photos...

i met a guy called JASMEN..
my fren said tat he is my brother as our name so alike..
he's also funny n easy going person..
he also quite caring n helpful..
he'll help whenever u have a prob..

i get to know a gal called MEI LIN..
she's my leader (SOCIALIZING GROUP) n she's funny n easy going person..
she take really good care on me..
during station activity.. my feet (as usual) very lembek..
she ask me to rest n rest.. so caring.. ^^
she's so nice until i feel crying when we gonna go back to our hometown..

n her assistant is called zuo you 卓宥..
he too a funny person..
he imitate nancy n auntie automatic..
seriously his acting really amaze me... so funny..

next up is IVY.. we call her bing shan mei ren 冰山美人..
she's very cool tat where she got tat nickname..
she's pretty.. n nice...
her eyes is so pretty n big..
until i feel so zhi bei..

then there is a guy called himself tian 天..
dunno his real name though..
he talks a lot n he is a good spy..
he spy the other group during night adventure (evil laugh)
i play a lot with him n chatting wu liao stuff..
kicking , laughing here n there.. funny though..
sry ya i make u fall down..
i told u i wanna make u fall down..
i tot u r playing.. mana tau betul betul jatuh pulak..

there's other member in our group..
namely wai shi, xiao chao (小草), ah boon, n the other 2 guy i dunno wat the called..

on the 29th..
i met mei lin's fren.. called HONG WEN (鸿文)..
he got a bit weird weird..
he call me from my back n when i turn he only say 'hi'..
dunno wanna angry or laugh.. funny person..
he is a nice fren though..
when i saw his caringness towards mei lin..
he persuade mei lin when she's down.. i feel very touch..
having a fren like tis really very nice.. ^^
he also a bit.. 3 words.. only a few ppl know bout tis.. haha
1st time on earth got a person ask me "can i bully u?".. n his the one.. one n only cute ppl..

i get to know xiao lv, ryan, tian wen, n others...
sry if i left u out...
tis camp really nice..
although tired n aching here n there..
but meeting them really very sweet..
i hope tis will be one of our 记号 in our life...
keep in touch ya guys...

be4 i end..
let u know team shout out...

so-so-so socializing
lai-lai-lai socializing HURRAYYYYY..

a bit lame i know.. but it's cool...
will be uploading chicken dance soon.. haha

our group member's pic.. ^^

our prize "zui jia tuan tui"

taken after fashion show.. our model Miss Chan Wai Shi

chia min

Sunday, March 23, 2008

oh Buddha...

oh my Buddha...
recently my t-shirt hilang...
n i tot my mum misplace it sum where...
make me search the whole house...
i even went into my brother's room to find...
result : i found nothing!!!

i jux realise something missing again...
n my mum said she wash it n dried it outside...
but when she took clothes in after they dried...
my mum din saw tat piece anymore...
wat the heck !!!
got so maniac ppl stealing inside shirt ??
oh my Buddha... (faint)

to those who live in sg abong..
pls beware of tis thief...
dried ur beloved cloth inside ur house...
dun dried it in the compound.. very dangerous...

chia min

Saturday, March 15, 2008

W U = lame

1st time on my life i went to WU..
tot it was really fun..
mana tau.. so boring..
it was damn hot in the afternoon..
make me dun wanna stay for the closing ceremony..
jux wasting my 2 hour ++ time there..
with those time i already can study a lot on my Bio n Sej...
frankly speaking.. i dun really understand wat r they doing...
but i quite shocked when convent doesnt win this year...
quite disappointed...
anyways congratz to those who wins...
Qi, dun sad sad o..
i kno u done ur best ady...gambateh..

chia min

Friday, March 14, 2008

i seem...

feeling so weird nowadays..
keep dreaming bout u... make me feel im so 'hua chi'..
i really cant think of anything to make me forget to think bout u..
ai yo yo.. wat happen to me?
tis year is SPM year.. i should study for my exam..
but yet.. i'm hear hua chi-ing...
waaaaa... going crazy..
sry la.. if i make u sneeze a lot...
anyway dun catch cold ya.. (dreaming bout him again)

chia min (missing u again..)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

StupiAk stufF!!!

today during pandu perjumpaan..
actually im not angry of that activity although we did it almost every year..
the most STUPIAK thing is that our KETUA dunno how to find station..
all she did is running here n there...
she tot all of us so energetic like her izzit?
that stupiak running stuff make my stomach so pain..
cuz we jux had our lunch can she can simply shout fast fast or else must cuci tandas
arghh.. im gonna write anymore...
my stomach is killing me...

chia min