Friday, January 16, 2009

human. human. human.

thinking all the bad side when something u dun like happen..
jux like wat i blog past few days..
ppl do complaint when he/she (and also me) dun get wat we want..
tis is human natural characteristics..

im happy cuz im getting out of the bad side n think bout the bright side..
i feel much more happy..
when i open my eyes on the 15th tat day..
i feel a lot better cuz i knew lots of my fren care of me..
remember my birthday... dun stingy for the 1cent or maybe 5 cents to sms me ..

im not really want to be 18..
18 means lots of maturity..
as u all know.. im much childish..
but.. im officially 18 now..
n i wont be tat childish anymore..
wont be sad when u dun give me sweets.. haha
thx my fren..
i know u all do cared of me..

oh ya.. wanted to blog sum secret here..
my mum, yeah MY MUM cook dinner for kevin..
my mum love him a lot...
so do her daughter .. xD
dunno how he could make my mum so happy..
i salute u .. yeah u .. kevin foong..

k la.. wanna text him ady..
bye ee ~~ miss me ya