Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what the freak!!!
teacher can be so arrogant meh?
teacher can be so da pai meh?
ask u sign, just sign la..
last time ask u sign, u say wat.. one week only can hold meeting once..
where got this types of rules de..
now ask u sign, wat u said? go my room find me only i sign..
wat the heck !! u tot i really very mean to take ur signature???
ur head la.. if not for my ko-ko marks find u for wat..
other club only need secretary to pass to teacher and he/she will sign it all..
what about u ?? u wan ppl go find u one by one..
u tot u r celebrity izzit?
ppl take ur signature very proud izzit??
wat teacher o u ??
come in class din even bring books.. talk nonsense only..
cheh... if is me a.. i better quit this job a..
dun spoilt ppl mood to study la...
irritate my eyes only...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

felt very emotional today..
misses my friends a lot..

i miss joe..
i miss jess..
i miss gek ling..
i miss pei boon..
i miss shu wei..
i miss ah chan..
i miss pei lin..
i miss geok cher..

to joe:
thanks for remembering me as your friend.. i feel very fortunate to have such a perfect friend.. perfect in studies, perfect in family background, perfect in appearance, and perfect in friendship.. thanks for treating me as a friend although i'm just a normal girl.. i feel very happy when you phoned me on my birthday at 12 o'clock sharp.. i do feel very touch..

to jess:
thanks for being there with me all this years.. although we are not in the same class anymore, but thanks for sharing with me when there's something good.. thanks for remembering me eventhough my own club peoples forgotten me.. really thanks for being my 10++ years friend..

to my 6 siblings:
-33, 21, 26, 88, 426 and 712
thanks for being there with me all this while.. i feel very happy to be with you all.. you all did reduce my pressure in my studies.. i really feel very comfortable to be around you.. thanks for not discriminate me as i'm hot-tempered in times..

to kevin:
thanks for loving me.. i appreciate it very much.. thanks for being there when i'm down.. and share my joy when i'm happy.. you are the one who give me strength to struggle for our future..

i misses you guys a lot..
i remembered you all, did u remembered me ??
i feel not welcome when i step into the house.. T.T

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

today is a super hot day.. beh tahan..
but.. there seems to be a funny stuff happen in school...

our class treasurer, kevin, had bought 2 locks for our class..
i thought when we put on the lock, we will dun bother much bout it..
who knows, the seven of us keep taking turn to open and close the lock.. sounds weird right?
haha.. unlike other classes, we bought a lock that uses pin number instead of using keys..
anyway.. one of our crazy classmates, MR ALVIN SIM aka MR KACAU BILAU changed the pin of the lock and locked everyone of us in the class.. and then he ran his life off scared that we will beat him up.. well, we managed to unlock the lock.. but we failed to detect him.. after awhile, he walked back to our class.. shu hiang and me, of course wouldnt let him go.. shu hiang and i start tickle-ing him until he fell on the floor.. imagine a 180++cm tall guy fall down in front of 150++ girls.. laugh until my stomach ache.. ouch! anyway, who ask him to kacau us 1st? ha.. serve him right.. =P

p/s : dun be so naughty la alvin.. jm dun like.. =P

Monday, April 5, 2010

6AA, 2010..
started our own 7 ppl's blog..
come and take a look...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

well, for today's blog..
i would like to tell you who's in my class this year..
there's 10 students in my class (including me).. very little, huh?

my monitor is an indian, her name is sonia..
she simply kind and funny..

next, sitting beside her is sreeja.. i bet convent girls will know who she is..
hmm, she's humourous and crazy exactly like sonia..

beside sreeja is sharmin.. she kinda quiet, seldom heard she talk..
nothing much i know bout her..

sitting behind them are shu hiang, jo maine and me..
well, shu hiang is the youngest among 10 of us, she's adorable and super energetic..
disturb everyone in the class.. sometimes too energetic until go disturb other classes' students..
naughty , isnt she?

sit between shu hiang and i is jo maine..
she is funny and fond in boom-ing ppl... sometimes moody, sometimes talkactive..
haha.. many girls are like that..

behind the three of us is alvin, kwe sheng, tai liang and kevin...
what can i said bout alvin? hmm.. he loves to boom ppl (same characteristics with ehem)..
should be couple liao lo...

the eldest in our class is this da ge with the name kwe sheng..
he sometimes quiet, but when start booming ppl, phew.. NON-STOP..
he likes to sms in class.. dunno with who.. haha..

sitting beside him is tai liang..
he can be the vice president in boom-ing club under his coach, hong sheng..
he listen and keep quiet when this mr hong sheng boom him..
and started booming ppl with what his coach always used..

last but not least, there's kevin sitting beside tai liang..
no need i introduce him la.. u should know who he is, isnt it ?

here are all my classmates..
i felt very happy to be with them.. no stress and boring..
i will appreciate the time we've been together..
it should be our own 6AA's memories..

Friday, April 2, 2010

whoa.. it seems a decade ago since i updated my blog..
busy studying and playing, no time for my blog..
and my 'incredibly' english *sigh* i couldnt really wanna write my blog..
but since my big brother in my class ask me to open..
oh well.. i re-open my blog..
and i wish i have mood to update it often..
give me sometime..
i'll let blogger know bout my school and new friends there..
k la.. no mood to write actually..
well, i stop here..

good day ~~