Wednesday, November 26, 2008


when sj, jl n i was sitting together studying for our physics paper...
sj said tat his father bought her a suzuki swift sport..
i can only envy her to have a father tat can bought wat she wan for her...
(no offence- i din say my father wont do tat)
yea.. i was also dream to have a sports car one day..
anyway sports car is my target...
i'll work hard for it..
i will try my very best to achieved it...
i do hope i could make things happen be4 i was 30...
although i only can envy my frens for having wat they wan..
but.. nice car, most functionable phone, trendy clothes, big houses...
wait for me ... i'll come n get u home soon after i'm working..
dun laugh for my stupidity..
i will try my best to make it all happen..
although it may take a long period of time...

thinking bout the past...

all of the sudden..
i remembered bout the past..
i was a gal from a nice family..
~father with successful career
~family with best income
~we always get wat we wan..
bout when im about to grow up..
everything turn upside down..
my father's career start to be broken down by those jerks..
i dunno wat is the motive they do tat..
my father treat them like his own son/daughter..
but they just done those f**king stuff behind him...
i still remember my father spend most of his time with them..
even we, his family could only see him for a few hours...
because of my father kind-hearted, he does not even aware of it..
those jerks back stabbed my father..
causing my father's career going down the slope..
and was tat b***h nearly broke my family..
luckily, my mother very patient n everything turn out to be alright..
once.. when my father's career start to go on the slope..
he changed his car from saga to perdana n finally to mercedes benz..
when a person is have some money.. ppl would start good to him..
wat he said will make everyone believe..
but once u r slightly drop.. everyone will run far away..
ur once 'good fren' will switch off their phones n travel to the other places give u no chances to find him..
wat u said will start to make ppl not believe in u..
though.. so much things happen in the past..
my family could manage to turn life anew...
i would say thanks to all the jerks anyway..
because of them... my family will cherish one another..
n concern each other...
well.. now my elder brother already in university..
n will start his career soon..
my parents can retire already..
'menikmati' life..

through all tis time...
when u ask me which is important, family or fren?
i would definitely answer FAMILY..
cuz watever happen in life..
only family would stand by ur side..
n only a few true fren will stay with u...
where the phrases goes, a fren in need is a fren indeed...