Tuesday, December 30, 2008


别嫌我烦。。 我只是担心你而已。。
没心情。。 >.<

Saturday, December 27, 2008

question mark..

something i couldnt understand...
here's the story...

there's Mr S, who had a gf, K for more than 2 years...
n end up broken up because of Mr Y (a batu api between S n K)
then the K become Y's gf...
there's Mr J, S's gang...

one day.. during one bbq nite to celebrate their fren's birthday..
S : hey.. my birthday coming soon too.. dun forget my birthday present har?..
J : (pretend to have phone call ).. halo! Y izzit? ooh.. u r getting married with K arh?.. O congratz..
S : wat the...!! so sengaja...

i dunno wat J is thinking about..
he knew tat S still love K..
n he sengaja tease him with tat...
how cum he dunno tat he might hurt his fren? S's feelings?
when i heard J spoke tat.. i feel sad too for S..
J and some of their gang keep teasing S with tat..
haiz.. poor S...
gambateh neh.. u can get over tis..

after posting tis...
i might get punch from some ppl..
but i just wanna voice out my feelings..
cuz.. i took them as my FRENS..
i care bout my frens..


to my fren who had been choosen for NS...
i wish u all the best n yi lu shun feng...
when back.. we go yamcha together k?

remember to bring ur stuff ..
especially toiletries which may be useful at all times..
n also medicine.. those panadols, minyak kapak etc..

frens.. do take care of urself neh...
waiting for u all to be back..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry xmas~

merry christmas everyone ~~~
may god bless u ...~~

Friday, December 19, 2008


when we're schooling..
we will dream of holiday..
free from school, homework n also exam..
but when u're in it..
u feel super duper bored..
nothing to do..
rotting in the room...
anywhere guess wat im playing??
i dunno the name too...

ta da~~ tis is it...
playing with my brother n his gf...
quite fun actually when u r super bored..

then i cum across tis pic from my fren's cellphone..
i think it's cute.. so i .... (dun follow my foot step)
it is written by two little children..
one boy one gal...

it means tat when u wrote 'i heart you' means wrong..
the correct one is 'i love you'..
cute, isnt it?

tat's all for tis post..
cuz.. im sick...
need more rest...
dun forget to miss me ya..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the man i love..

first time on my life.. i cry for a man..
a man tat might look normal for other ppl..
but for me.. he is special..
im crying not because he hurt me.. but is because he touched my heart..
im crying because im happy..

yeah.. i admit tat i have a crush on him since last year during tuition classes..
it may be fated that we have been in 3 same classes in a week..
i would never believed tat he would add me in friendster n also msn..
i still remember tat nite.. the first time we chat on msn..
if not mistaken.. it is about 1++ am in the morning..
i had insomnia tat nite..
n i saw him on the line.. so i msn him..
he replied me n we chat until bout 3 am..
he told me one day tat he was so tired the nite we 1st chat..
he just came back from dancing practice..
he dun wan to slp jux because he wanted to chat with me until i say i wanna go to bed..
once i ask him..
"do u know i had a crush on u before we know each otheR?
"are you ?!? tell u the truth i have a crush on u too.."
i was like oh my god.. how cum i dun even know?
then he told me tat he wont try his very best to attend all tuition classes..
so tat he wont c me.. eventhough i might not even have a glance on him..
he said "once, i saw fxxxxxx gave u add maths project, my face turn red and i suddenly felt very angry.. then i ask myself why? why am i so angry? n lastly i found tat im jealous.. i tot he is ur bf.. so.. when u tell me he's not im over the moon"

time flies so fast.. it has been 9 months since the first day we've been together..
i admit tat i tot he was playing a fool with me.. but through all this thick n thin..
i found tat he really treat me very nice..
he take good care of me..
he dote me...
he let me bully because he know tat i always love to..
n he's happy to play with me..

we just came back from A Famosa..
we went there with his frens..
when we reach there..
he wants to go swimming but im tired and would like to sleep..
to my surprise.. he accompanied me in the room and waited me to sleep..
then he went swimming..
tat nite... we went to dunno wat carnival..
and suddenly rainning heavily..
he give me his jacket so tat i wonty feel cold..
he wanted me to stay inside while he went outside to video down the show..
my heart ache a lot when i saw him stand below pouring rain..
then i wanted to give him back his jacket.. but he insisted me to wear it...
after tat we went for a 4D film..
he know tat im scared.. so he hug me tightly through the film n cover my ears when it is too loud..
he always sacrifies himself for me..
to my surprise.. all his frens accept me.. we get along very well..
im happy to have him..
he bring a lot of hapiness and laughter to me..
n thank God for creating him..
i would say im crazy in love with him.. xD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

did u c tat dye???

went to saloon for a hair cut..
turn out...
-fringe -.-'''
i dun really like fringe cuz fringe is for cute gal but not me
couldnt c without sunlight
seem like plant need sunlight for photosynthesis..
i need sunlight to c my hair colour..
actually tat saloon quite nice..
dunno y i feel quite comfortable lo..

alright alright i know i know..
u sure wanna c how's the hair look like..
but... let me warn u....
pls dun laugh at my silly face... >.<

before going...

done... ( took in syn joe's house)

close up... if u couldnt c.. i cant help anything...

Monday, December 1, 2008

poor little bibi...

sad to say..
my poor little bibi knocked by a car tis morning.. (bibi= my dog)
i got a shocked when mama told me when she fetch me home after my PA paper...
im so worried bout bibi...
when i reached home..
i saw her leg bleed, mouth bleed n eyes bleed a little...
poor little fellow...
how cum she so naughty ran out of our home without being noticed by us...
luckily .. our good neighbour told my mama bout it...
or else.. she disappeared like tat...
hope she recovered soon...
my poor little bibi...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


when sj, jl n i was sitting together studying for our physics paper...
sj said tat his father bought her a suzuki swift sport..
i can only envy her to have a father tat can bought wat she wan for her...
(no offence- i din say my father wont do tat)
yea.. i was also dream to have a sports car one day..
anyway sports car is my target...
i'll work hard for it..
i will try my very best to achieved it...
i do hope i could make things happen be4 i was 30...
although i only can envy my frens for having wat they wan..
but.. nice car, most functionable phone, trendy clothes, big houses...
wait for me ... i'll come n get u home soon after i'm working..
dun laugh for my stupidity..
i will try my best to make it all happen..
although it may take a long period of time...

thinking bout the past...

all of the sudden..
i remembered bout the past..
i was a gal from a nice family..
~father with successful career
~family with best income
~we always get wat we wan..
bout when im about to grow up..
everything turn upside down..
my father's career start to be broken down by those jerks..
i dunno wat is the motive they do tat..
my father treat them like his own son/daughter..
but they just done those f**king stuff behind him...
i still remember my father spend most of his time with them..
even we, his family could only see him for a few hours...
because of my father kind-hearted, he does not even aware of it..
those jerks back stabbed my father..
causing my father's career going down the slope..
and was tat b***h nearly broke my family..
luckily, my mother very patient n everything turn out to be alright..
once.. when my father's career start to go on the slope..
he changed his car from saga to perdana n finally to mercedes benz..
when a person is have some money.. ppl would start good to him..
wat he said will make everyone believe..
but once u r slightly drop.. everyone will run far away..
ur once 'good fren' will switch off their phones n travel to the other places give u no chances to find him..
wat u said will start to make ppl not believe in u..
though.. so much things happen in the past..
my family could manage to turn life anew...
i would say thanks to all the jerks anyway..
because of them... my family will cherish one another..
n concern each other...
well.. now my elder brother already in university..
n will start his career soon..
my parents can retire already..
'menikmati' life..

through all tis time...
when u ask me which is important, family or fren?
i would definitely answer FAMILY..
cuz watever happen in life..
only family would stand by ur side..
n only a few true fren will stay with u...
where the phrases goes, a fren in need is a fren indeed...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

kuantan trip~

waa... school holiday~~
my dad bring us for holiday at kuantan..
we stay at duta village..
it is a fantastic place to stay...
although they already hav swimming pools..
they also have 'pantai'..
swimming n playing on the beach all day long..
yea.. i admit i became very dark..
but i do enjoy tis.. hope to visit kuantan again...
here are sum photoes to share ... ^.~

exam exam exam...

finally finish exam..
so tough..
everyday must study until late late...
went to school.. saw a bunch of panda..
pity us.. student...
hope to end my school life soon...
no more books to study..

-chia min-

Saturday, August 30, 2008


i'm very heartbroken from wat u have said...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


dunno how to be ur good gal...
when i wan u to fetch.. u said..
'u r so troublesome'
'cannot ask ur fren fetch izzit?'
'everyday do ur stuff only.. i no need to work izzit?'
when i ask my fren to fetch.. u said..
'who fetch u?'
'which school?'
'where he/she live?'
'y he/she wan fetch u?'
'tell him/her no need to fetch u.. i fetch u go'
wat the heck is this?!?
u call me to ask my fren fetch then u still angry..
wat leh... pekchek


Saturday, August 23, 2008


我学校没有教我们science班 的勒。。


Thursday, August 21, 2008

leo installation day.. 16/08

smc leo install was held in hotel pelangi on the 16/08..
well.. performances still the same every year..
but tis year install release much much stress..
to me, tis is the time for me to let go my post n hand it to the new bod..
nothing to talk bout tis install...
so... uploading photos for u to take a look... ^^
dun say im ah lian.. cuz i knew it myself.. T.T
the purple coloured hair turns me into ah lian style...

the 1st dress i tried on for my install

tis is the 2nd

but i bought tis in the end... look like a bad girl isnt it?

me with shu ting ^^

me with geok cher ^^

me with esther ^^

geok cher n esther

chan n geok cher

end tis post with my zi lian pic.. ^^

-chia min-
7.31 pm

Sunday, July 20, 2008

another 8 days~~

hehe.. countdown to jessy's birthday~~
actually i should be doing her birthday present...
but i curi tulang awhile blogging here while waiting the glue to dry..
xi xi... picking her present really tough..
lastly... i pick a xxx.. (couldnt tell it here.. cuz jessy might saw it)..
so ... shhh....
haha.. tat xxx so cute.. until i wan buy one for myself..
but i dun have much $$$.. so ... wat i can do is envy her..
anyway.. it is for her... so.. wo yuan yi
i stop here.. cuz wanna continue my work..
haha... wait a minute..
support myself 1st....
jasmine go! jasmine go! jasmine go go go!!!
tata~ do visit me again soon~~ ^.^

-chia min-


哈哈~~ 我有傻笑了。。

啊~~ 不写了。。
嗒嗒~~ 别想我噢~~


Saturday, May 31, 2008


another memorable day of us (j3)...
^^ a day in syn joe'2 house...
another party?? NOPE

sleep over??? NOPE

dun get shock.. cuz we finally sedar..
so we studying together..
but mostly is syn joe teach us la.. hehe
we quite serious at first..
studying very hard...
after few hours...
we started playing n....

we end up doing tis..

jessy started drawing...


n drawing...

symbol of the of us... dun ask me y my symbol is a carrot.. (shy shy)

jessy in specs.. nice isn't she???

jessy n ongy with specs.. ^^ pretty neh?

always the sweet smile from her..

pretty, talented, sweet gal... wan her number??
blekss... i won't giv u.. muahahaha...

lastly... our hope...
happy always...
after every tear, there'll be a rainbow...

-chia min-

J3 shirt ^.^

so long din blog ady...
actually i got my j3 shirt quite sumtime...
but cuz of exam.. i got no time to blog bout it..
we did j3 shirt jux for fun n for the remembrance of our frenship..
our frenship is jux like a round shape...
will keep going without an ending..
hope our frenship wil last forever~~ ^^

ok la.. hereby i upload sum j3 shirt pic for u to c..
dun jealous bout our frenship.. wakaka

the front design...

the back design of mine...
me n my doggy (bibi) with my blog's url ^^

the back design of syn joe..
a gal wearing number 13 jersey with her blog ^^

the top shirt is jessy's..a gal holding a lollipop with her blog ^^

feel like doing one with ur fren or bf/gf??
haha.. dun wan tell u how to do tat...
find urself... if u really do wish to do..
contact me ba... but...
i wan take commission.. muahahaha

-chia min-
1.42 pm

Thursday, May 1, 2008

errrr... T.T

omg.. tis is the first time my in front hair so short...
waaa.. kong mong-ing...
dunno wat feeling also..
with that i upload some photos of my new hair style..

p/s no laughing, ok?

chia min

Saturday, April 26, 2008

simply sweet~~





adapted from 学海..

chia min

Sunday, April 6, 2008

bbq nite~~~~

BBQ nite
organised by J3
held in J1's house~~

playing all nite.. whoaaaa.. so tired actually..
wat we did are
- bbq-ing of cuz (specially thx to er ge.. thx for the fire)
- playing truth n dare (a bit silly)
- watching movies (using projector -.-''')
- eating cake (quite nice)

after tat J2 n J3 decide to stay overnite in J1's house...
when the others when home..,
the 3 of them watching horror movie tat nite in J1's room..
n then slp until the next morning...

here r sum photos to share~~~

J2 n J3..

J3 forever~~~

J1, J2 n J3..
but J2 was to shy to let us c her face.. ^^


our cake~~ nice huh??

guess wat's tat ?

J3 again~~
J1 jux looking weird.. =S


nice angle ~~ ^^

3 little gals so zhi lian..
ish.. ish.. ish..

chia min

Thursday, April 3, 2008

star camp pic....

here r sum leo star camp 2008 pic...

mei lin n me..

tian n me..

jasmine n sampat jasmen..

me n geok cher...

the five of us..

wai shi, me n kah ling...

me n geok cher..
weird weird, huh?

zi bi-ing.. while thinking sumthing..

our happy family..

cheese~~~ ^^

our name tag...

look alike isn't it ?

poster by teamwork(left) , talent(right) n SOCIALIZING(bottom)

poster by creativity(left), responsibilities(right), achievement (bottom)

drawing by southern college pupil..
nice isnt it ?

chia min