Sunday, July 20, 2008

another 8 days~~

hehe.. countdown to jessy's birthday~~
actually i should be doing her birthday present...
but i curi tulang awhile blogging here while waiting the glue to dry..
xi xi... picking her present really tough..
lastly... i pick a xxx.. (couldnt tell it here.. cuz jessy might saw it)..
so ... shhh....
haha.. tat xxx so cute.. until i wan buy one for myself..
but i dun have much $$$.. so ... wat i can do is envy her..
anyway.. it is for her... so.. wo yuan yi
i stop here.. cuz wanna continue my work..
haha... wait a minute..
support myself 1st....
jasmine go! jasmine go! jasmine go go go!!!
tata~ do visit me again soon~~ ^.^

-chia min-