Monday, May 25, 2009

dont know what had happened to me..
i've been sleepless for sometime..
dont even know what happen..
like today,25th of may [monday], i woke up at 3 something..
at the whole night i think i didnt even sleep well until that 3 something..
please someone tell me what was happening..
i'm so tired yet i couldn't sleep..
sigh.. i can't even do my favourite hobby [sleeping]
dont know what can i do beside that anymore...
wrote this with sore eyes, tired body and also blank mind..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

im tired...
im stressing out... >.<
i act to be delightful and extreme happy..
but actually i jux wanted to release my tension..
the more hyperactive i am, the more stressful i'm having...
so stress until i couldnt even sleep..
when i finally fall asleep, i'll be waking up a hour or two later..
im getting weaker..
i need someone to help me..
but i just couldnt find a suitable person to help..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my baby angry so fierce looking..
saw him also will heartache [xin tong]..
i'm so useless la.. cant make him smile also..
also dunno how to comfort him..
what i can do is only looking at him..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i remember once...
a few of us sat in class chit-chatting..
and suddenly jessy ask me.. 'what if your carrot make friend with you just to get closer to ong?'
i remember that time i answered 'if he does, i'll wish them happiness'..
that time i feel a little hurt by that question b'cuz we just started our relationship not long ago..
but if jessy ask me again that question now...
i will reply 'if he does, then i kill myself before knowing this facts'
cuz.. i love him very much and i dont have the guts to know this kind of things..
i rather kill myself and let our memories to be beautiful beautiful memories..
am i stupid?
you will be like me one day if you started to love a person very much..
cuz i thought those person suicide for love is so stupid last time..
when you someone deeply, you'll started to be a fool like me.. ha~
love makes people to have weaknesses..

well, i do hope all of you have a person you love and he/she love you too..
i'm in happiness situation currently..
and i hope this wont change forever..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

something nice to share..

came across these few love quotes..
find it sweet..
so i blog it here...

here it goes...

let me be the one to love you deep in my heart,
let me be the one to hug you deep in my arms,
let me be the one to kiss you hard in my lips,
i don't know how long we can be together but just let me be the one..

i never thought that love would feel this way,
but you changed my world with just one kiss,
and now i know that all i want is you in my life..

the sweetest thing a guy could do for his girl is to sit with his friends,
look at her from a far and tell his friends,
' look at my baby, have you seen anyone so beautiful? Damn bro, she's my life ! '

Monday, May 11, 2009

1st day in dato...

wa... finally.. the terrible day has come...
have to start studying...
luckily the 1st week is orientation week..
but starting next week.. i couldnt imagine..
>.< so lazy to study..

let u c my current photo..
haha... taken while waiting fren to fetch..

did i look more mature?
with this black hair and a new specs..

miss me ya, frens..
cuz i might need some time for another post..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

sacrifice for school reopen..

monday, 11th of may..
i'll start to go school again like before...
i had dye back my hair to black..
it's so UGLY..
black + curly = totally like an 'a ma'..
n tat pretty girl still cut my hair until so short.. double a ma..
well.. tis is a sacrifice for my studies..
but i hope you wont laugh at me when you see my this 'a ma' hair...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i am stupid-idiot-foolish-crazy-biatch

keep distance from me!

heartbroken T.T

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ma, i love u~~

did i look like i had lose weight??
haha~~ my mum said yes.. she said my arms smaller a bit..
but i dun think so leh.. like same only..
honestly.. i love my mum a lot..
cuz she know im on diet..
but she jux couldnt bare to see im getting thinner..
she's kind of 'xin tong'..
so she ask me what i want to eat everyday..
and my only answer 'anything'
she tried a lot of dishes to let me eat more..
but cuz of diet.. i still ate a little only..
she ask me not to diet anymore..
but she's happy i'm losing weight..
she so funny, isnt she?
haha.. she jux my cute cute mother~~
the one always take care the health of our family..

Saturday, May 2, 2009


i.. i couldnt breath when u tell me that on msn..
i seem regret for the past..
i so speechless...
i dunno how to respond..

dariya 2~~

let u c how tis dariya works...

did ur fringe so long like mine?? when washing face will wet them for sure...

after using dariya~~

tada~~ fringe wont get wet when u r busy washing ur face~~
beside tis...
u can use it at HOME..
cuz it might weird when u use it outside..
like when u r doing homework..
or u r exercising..
n dun wan ur hair to interrupt u activity..
so u can use it..

haha.. if u wanna buy..
can contact me..
i can help u buy..
it comes in 3 different colours [black, blue, pink]
one packet got 2..
nice , convenient dariya~~

dariya !!!

hey.. u all heard of tis??
i'll upload some picture of how to use tis..
is a very useful stuff o ..
it helps to put ur fringe in position so tat when u wash face the fringe doesnt get wet too..